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MATT Unplugged 2022: The Future of Marketing Attribution

MMA MATT UNPLUGGED Virtual: The Future of Marketing Attribution

With data deprecation and the increase of privacy regulations, what role will MTA continue to play? Is it still the best form of measurement or a key part in a collection of measurement solutions? Despite these obstacles, new advancements such as the proliferation of connected TV data, development of cohort measurement and new cookieless identifier solutions, will allow brands to continue to provide personalization in a privacy-compliant manner.

The 4th annual MMA MATT Unplugged Virtual is a one-day event where marketers, attribution experts and other thought leaders will highlight strategies and approaches that will help brands reimagine campaign performance in today’s complex data landscape. This year's attendees will:

  • Hear from brand executives discuss methodology challenges and advancements impacting attribution
  • Understand the importance of forging data partnerships with the rise of 2nd party data and retail media networks
  • Gain deeper insights into marketers’ experiences with adoption and use from the latest MMA State of Attribution Benchmark Survey
  • Discover the future of measurement in cohorts, data clean rooms, and other privacy-preserving techniques
  • Maintain a privacy-centric framework that gains consumer trust and much more

Register today and join us as we rethink the world of marketing attribution.

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