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Over the past seven years, MMA Global's Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) has conducted an annual State of Attribution study, sourcing insights from senior marketers in North America. This year, we’ve captured the dynamic shifts in the marketing and measurement landscape, marked by the proliferation of new media, the ever-complex economic environment, and more recently, by the advent of AI.

The 2023 State of Attribution report reveals a continuation of the shift away from reach-based planning, practiced by only 12% of marketers today, which underscores the mounting complexity of attribution needs and the escalating demand for advanced measurement tools. There's also an an urgent need to bridge a discernible trust gap, as a significant 64% of companies grapple with acceptance issues outside the marketing sphere, making it clear that fostering cross-departmental trust and promoting wider acceptance of marketing measurement should be priorities.

Other highlights from the study include:

  • Actionability: Approximately 45% of marketers express dissatisfaction with the actionability of their measurement insights, highlighting the need for robust frameworks and processes that enable marketers to translate measurement findings into effective actions and strategies.
  • Incrementality: 47% of marketers indicate dissatisfaction with their understanding of incrementality. This reveals a significant blind spot in the industry, as many overestimate the level of confidence obtained from non-incremental tools like expert opinions and rules-based attribution. There is a pressing need to enhance measurement practices to accurately assess the true causal impact of marketing activities.
  • Integration and Result Reconciliation: An overwhelming 65% of marketers voice dissatisfaction with the integration and ability to reconcile measurement results across various channels, touchpoints and measurement tools. Seamless integration and reconciliation of data sources are vital for obtaining a holistic view of marketing performance and accurate attribution

While the marketing ecosystem continues to evolve, the onus lies on marketers to remain proactive. This calls for ongoing investments in marketing measurement and attribution, addressing dissatisfaction areas, and fostering trust across all organizational levels. Although the journey has its challenges, the potential for growth and the promise of a future where marketing is more measured, attributable, and effective make it all worthwhile.

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